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blue digger

The Story of Blue Digger

He was 4 years old and really liked the color blue.

He had spent the last 3 months as a blue power ranger. Literally. He wasn’t seen in daylight hours without the costume.

He spent his days playing with diggers. Not dump trucks. Not bulldozers. Diggers.

And then someone gave him a blue digger.

It was like everything he loved in life could now be held in his hands! He could play with the blue digger, draw the blue digger, paint the blue digger.

Next came the demand, “Mom, I want a blue digger shirt!”
Let the Googling commence!
There were yellow diggers, their were orange diggers and the occasional gray/black digger.

No blue digger t-shirts in a 4T could be found on the internet.

And this is the part of the story where modern parents become heroes. One of his blue digger paintings was turned into a t-shirt.
A very cherished t-shirt.

That blue digger painting is now this store’s logo. The boy is now a teenager. The inspiration of simple items changing childhood lives on…



Meet The Blue Digger Family

Holly & Greg live in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas with their three {very active} boys and a dog named Panda.  They are a little addicted to play!
Holly runs Kids Activities Blog and the Quirky Momma FB page.  Greg produces all the videos for aka Mom, live Kids Activities Blog YouTube and Blue Digger Shop.
The three boys have been blogger kids since birth!
The family is very competitive and might take board games a little too seriously...but that is part of the fun!
Their hope is that the items hand-picked for Blue Digger will bring a little play into your life.