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Must Have Camping Comfort Items

Must Have Camping Comfort Items

Camping with the kids is always on our summer bucket list. We love to pitch a tent in the backyard or head out into the wilderness for an authentic escape from the daily grind and an opportunity to reconnect as a family!

This year if you too plan to pitch a tent with your family, you might be looking for some hacks and ideas to make the experience completely enjoyable. I have a few favorite things that make it easier than ever to get comfortable on a campout! I think you are going to want to order all of these things and make summer the season for family camping!

No matter where you go, you gotta eat! This portable picnic table makes dinner happen! It can be folded and transported with ease. The table is lightweight and completely functional. This is a great addition to your camping gear. The table has built in seating for complete comfort on the go.

Speaking of eating, food prep and storage is easier than ever with this BBQ grill and cooler combo. This handy little combo makes it so simple to take your meal along and give you a space to cook it too! This is a portable and lightweight combo that makes meals in the great outdoors fuss free!

Camping trips seem to have a party vibe to them because everyone is so relaxed! This year, store your drinks in a collapsible party tub to avoid lugging a big bulky cooler into the woods. This folds down for easy transport and storage and it keeps drinks nice and cold!

If you are going to be in an area prone to wildlife, maybe relying on a unit to remain in the car is the best option. This trunk organizer features a built-in cooler compartment. This can do double duty for storing things and keeping them cool, best of all, this is something you can use year round in the trunk of your car!

A beach shelter is always handy! It provides a place to rest in the shade and a great way to store commonly used items for a campout. This one is big enough for 2 people to chill in, and might inspire you to head to the beach more often after the camping has ended!

If you have any ideas for making camping super comfortable, leave a comment and give us the scoop!

Sleeping in Style On Vacation

Sleeping in Style On Vacation

With summer comes a lot of travel for my family. You might find us pitching a tent, hitting an amusement park, visiting family or simply setting off for a destination unknown, in search of adventure! Traveling with kids gets easier with each trip, but the toughest part usually involves sleeping in a new place. It can be unnerving for kids who are accustomed to their own beds, where they feel safe and secure!

Early on in our family travels, we discovered that having a dedicated nap mat or sleeping bag for each child to use on our adventures helped to make bedtime easier, regardless of where we lay our heads for the night! I am going to share a few of my favorite bed away from home options with you, these are perfect for a trip to grandma's, an impromptu living room camp out, or to pack in the car for your vacation.
If your little traveler is a Super Hero in training, this super soft and cozy nap mat from Olive Kids will help them to get some rest on the go! The mat rolls up easily for transport and storage. The blanket is lined with cotton flannel which will practically hug your child to sleep with ease.
If your kids are a little bigger than nap mat size, then the choice is clear. You need a character sleeping bag! A bed on the go and a friend all in one, this sleeping bag is ready to accompany your child to camp, or to a first sleepover. Available in several styles, you will love how this product multi-tasks to meet your child's needs and personality! The bag converts into a backpack, toiletry bag, night light, pillow, overnight bag all in one cute package!
Nap Mats are great for ensuring you never miss a scheduled nap time when you are visiting friends and family this summer. Roll it up and take it along for a plush place to tuck your toddler or preschooler in no matter where life takes you. This owl print mat is a hoot! 
Sometimes you need to make bedtime fun when in a new place to ease anxiety. With this mermaid tail sleep sack, your little one can flip a fin and drift off to dream with a big smile! If fin flipping is your thing, this shark sleep sack will help take a bite out of bedtime in a new place. Both the shark and mermaid sleep sacks are available in sizes from baby to adult so the whole family can snuggle into a fun sleep sack!
I hope these ideas help you to plan for bedtime on your vacation, trip to visit family or campout! If you have an idea for helping kids sleep easier on a trip, please leave a comment to share with us!

5 Ways to Promote Active Learning

5 Ways to Promote Active Learning

We are counting down the days until the end of the school year! The kids are excited by the prospects of the fun to be had, I am excited for the reprieve from packing lunches and getting everyone where they need to be, on time! This summer I hope to keep the kids actively playing and learning while avoiding the summer slump!

Something To Jump About
There is something about jumping that kids can't resist! This summer, we will be a hop, skip and a jump away from a fun jumping counting game. This is a printable resource you will want to grab now! It is colorful, tons of fun and it will help the kids stay active and actively learning!

Spell and Spray
Last year we found a super fun way to keep cool while playing hard! Grab some sidewalk chalk and a few squirt guns. I give the kids a word, they write it with the chalk. If they get the word right they can spray the word away with their squirt gun! The heat of the day dries the water in no time so we can spell and spray all day!

For the Birds
Feeding the birds can be a lot of fun for the entire family. Last year we spent a few hours observing the birds in our yard. As we identified a bird, I encouraged the kids to imitate the species. This resulted in a lot of flapping arms and funny chirping sounds. After we had an idea of who visits our feeders, we looked up the favorite fruits of the birds and made a fruity feeder.

Hands on Science
I love to see our sidewalks covered with colorful art. My kids love to create colorful art on said sidewalks so it is a win/win situation! We love to mix up fizzing sidewalk paint for hands-on science! It is so easy to make and it offers kids something different to create with.

Have a Ball
It is important to keep the kids reading and spelling all summer long so that they don't regress in their comprehension levels. One great way to keep younger readers working towards their goals is to write sight words on a beach ball. There are several ways to make this game fun for kids depending on their skill level. Anyway, you play it, the kids are going to have a ball!

5 DIY Toys to Make This Summer

5 DIY Toys to Make This Summer

We all know that kids learn through play. Combining an opportunity for fun and creativity is a recipe for success when it comes to children of all ages. This summer, instead of turning to electronics for entertainment when the kids grow weary of the same old toys, we are going to try our hand at making something fun-tastic to spend a summer day playing with! I have some awesome ideas to share with you! You are going to want to bookmark or pin this post for future reference.

Spin the Day Away
Fidget spinners are really popular with school-aged kids right now. Why not invite the kids to create a spinner of their own? They will love the invitation to design and build a fidget spinner that is a one of a kind toy. These require some simple hardware like a bearing and a washer as well as a few common craft supplies.

Make a Memory Game
It is important to keep kids learning and using their brains in the summer. Regression is common when school resumes. Memory games are a great way to keep the kids sharp and entertained with a game they created themselves! All you really need are a handful of matching pictures. You can theme your memory game to suit your kid's interests.

Give It Some Momentum 
A friendly family game of frisbee is a fun way to stay active together. Making your own frisbee with recycled materials takes the game to a new level of awesome. Finding out which plastic lids float and fly the best will make the craft a fun way to learn about the Bernoulli principle which makes a frisbee fly.

Bouncing Here, Bouncing There
Bouncy balls are fun for all kids! But, there is no reason to head out in search of a little toy vending machine! You can make them at home, and make them as colorful and big as you like! This recipe makes it so easy that there is no reason not to make a few and bounce the day away!

Playing Games Rocks
If you have virtually no craft supplies on hand and need a quick fix, go pick up some rocks! 9 to be exact! Paint on side of the rocks with x's, paint o's on the opposite sides. There you have a DIY Tic Tac Toe Game!

Have you ever made DIY toys with your kids? If you have a great idea for a way that kids can make something fun to play with, be sure to leave a comment for us!

Must Have Summer Baby Gear

Must Have Summer Baby Gear

Summer is creeping closer; I can feel the promise of warm days on the wind! I know I can't be the only one who is feeling relieved to know that the days of bundling up and dashing out in the elements are behind us for a few months! After a long winter indoors, it is time to get the baby out and about! Lucky for you, we have all of the best baby gear right here in the Blue Digger shop!

The first days of summer are prime time to get out and move! If you are longing for a stroll around the neighborhood, this Cool Me Stroller Seat Liner is going to keep the little one comfy and cool while you get your endorphins up! A cool baby is a happy baby when the temperatures are climbing!

Summer is the time for picnics, parties, festivals and fairs! You can keep it moving, with baby secure and cozy in an adjustable sling. These were a huge help for me with my kids as I was able to move freely through crowds without the hassle of lugging a stroller everywhere I went.

If you have a little mover and shaker that is showing signs of being ready to walk, you will want to get a great training walker. These are perfect for helping baby get the concept of walking while saving your back from aches! I think these are great for taking outside. Allowing baby to enjoy the sensation of grass on her feet is an added sensory bonus!

Teething happens, and it hurts! If you keep a fun toy to help your little one through it on hand, like this great goat teething toy, your little one can gum and play, no matter where your summer adventures take you.

My family is drawn to water like moths to a flame! Keeping a fun character towel nearby means that when our water time ends, the little ones won't be too upset, as they know they can wrap up in a super snuggly towel! These are perfect for little kids as they are so soft and absorbent that it feels like a hug from a favorite friend when you dry off with them!

We spend a lot of time in the car in the summer, so we love these car seat liners that help keep kids cooler. I often vocalize my wish that they would make this in an adult size! These are an affordable way to make sure your little ones are comfortable and as cool as cucumbers on car trips.

If you have a favorite summer product for moms and babies please leave a comment to give us the scoop!